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Agustinus R

Barang pesanan sudah sampai,pelayanannya dari awal order sampai barang dikirim sangat memuaskan.

Agus Nugroho

makasih .barang sdh sampe dan sama dg pic yg ada di web.

Iman Rachmansyah

Thanks gan.. Pesanan sudah tiba dengan selamat. Bener2 recommended seller, 2 hari sudah tiba di tujuan


Maaf telat testimoninya. Pelayanan oke banget, respon cepat, barang diterima dalam keadaan baik dan sesuai foto di web. Recomended seller deh. Tengkyu.

thanx gan, barang sudah sampe dan tepat keesokan harinya. . baguus barangnya, gak kecewa deh pokoknya. .lgsg gw rekomendasiin ke temen kantor


thanks gan ... pesenan saya sudah sampai. cepat .. bagus dan bestt recomended. skrang saya tidak ragu lagi. suksess ya

Fancy Diary Case Sony Xperia J nya bagus banget, makasih ya :) suka banget! 👍

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product arrow Griffin Survivor Adventure Case iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone 6 Plus - 6S Plus)

Griffin Survivor Adventure Case iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone 6 Plus - 6S Plus)
Price Rp 450.000 Beli

Griffin Survivor Adventure
8’ drop protection and interchangeable style. Survivor Adventure delivers unmatched style in a case that protects from 8-foot drops.  Survivor Adventure packs three looks in one protective case, so is perfectly dressed for wherever life’s adventures take you. 8-foot drop protection Built to protect from 8-foot (2.4 meter) drops, Adventure is designed to meet or exceed military standards for device protection (Mil-Std 810-G).  Our built-in Impact Dispersion System absorbs and disperses impact forces from drops before they can harm. Choices, choices. Each Survivor Adventure gives you two interchangeable back plates so you can choose your look. Those two snap-on backplates also help make Survivor Adventure twice as protective as single-layer-back cases. But for those times you want to go as light as possible, you can go without either of the backplates.  Survivor Adventure’s all-around impact-resistant plastic shell still covers the back, protecting it from scratches and dents as it the case delivers 8’ drop protection. Choose your Own Adventure 2 See-Through Backplates -  Optical-clarity polycarbonate, in crystal Clear, Smoke or Chromium Blue, lets you switch between looks without compromising on protection.  You’ll receive 1 Clear back and 1 back in either Smoke or Chromium Blue. Both create a fabulous, clean look that compliments the good looks. 1 Self-Healing Bon Bon Backplate + 1 See-Through Backplate - We call it BonBon, but you’ll call it amazing. BonBon’s glitter-infused back is made of a special, no-scratch plastic that’s self-healing.  So when the going gets tough (or gritty, or scratchy), BonBon stays smooth and glossy. Or switch in our see-through optical-clarity PC back. You get both, so the choice is yours.

  • 8-foot (2.4-meter) drop-protected case
  • Slim, multi-layer design and drop protection
  • Designed to meet or exceed Mil-Std. 810-G for protection against drops and impact
  • Interchangeable backs snap on to customize the look
  • High-gloss scratch-resistant color accent back
  • BonBon self-healing back
  • Materials: Polycarbonate, TPU
  • Mix and match the Backplates for three different looks:
  • Look One: Adventure Case + Crystal Clear Back Plate
  • Look Two: Adventure Case with See-Through Color Back
  • Look Three: Adventure Case Alone